Gradle Build Tool: Install Gradle on Ubuntu 16.10

Gradle is a free and open source build automation toolset based on the concepts of Apache Ant and Apache Maven. Gradle provides a platform to support the entire development lifecycle of a software project.

Official Website:


1. Prerequisites

Gradle requires Java 7 or new version. You can check by issue command:


2. Download Gradle

Gradle distribution archive comes in two types: “binary-only” and “complete”. The “binary-only” archive contains the Gradle software only wheres “complete” archive comes with binary, documentation and source. Run the following command to download Gradle to your system.



3. Unpack Gradle


Next, we will move gradle-3.5 to ~/opt/gradle directory

sudo mv gradle-3.5/ ~/opt/gradle


4. Create GRADLE_HOME Environment Variables

Open your .profile file in vi, emacs, or gedit.

sudo nano ~/.profile

Paste the following at the bottom of your .profile file.

# Gradle
if [ -d "/opt/gradle" ]; then
    export GRADLE_HOME="/opt/gradle"

Save the file.

We will need to activate the above environment variables. We can do that by log out and log in again or simply run below command:

source ~/.profile


5. Verify

To check if Gradle is properly installed, we just need type:

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